High 5 Hypnosis

Sports performance hypnotherapy to help in your sports performance goals.

Applicable to any sport.

Can help you be in "the zone" more often, enjoy your sports more and increase your productivity while eliminating any anxiety and negative thinking.

Zoom/Skype/Facetime and phone sessions also available.

The first session is 90 minutes for $225. All sessions thereafter are 55 minutes for $175.

To book a free phone consultation email todd@high5hypnosis.com

Breakin'It Down with Sports Hypnotherapist Todd Simon

"I came to Todd Simon for help with my confidence. I noticed at times during lacrosse games that I would have negative thoughts of fear, self doubt, and second guessing myself. It affected my performance. I did several sessions with Todd and the shifts that took place were obvious and dramatic. He gave me a way to prepare before the game and let me know what to focus on if the thoughts began again. They did come back at times, but only for a moment. I didn't believe the thoughts anymore and have been able to be "in the zone" at will. I am playing some of my best lacrosse now and am having so much fun doing it. My mentality has shifted and I have an anchor into what works for me. He is skilled, observant, and effective at what he does in both hypnotherapy and cranio sacral therapy. The two modalities blend beautifully." Dayvin T

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