Total Body Hypnosis

"Where the brain meets the mind"

Combining the proven benefits of Visionary Cranial Sacral Therapy and Hypnotherapy to create soul stirring change.

While working directly with the brain and the cerebral spinal fluid- the positive suggestions of hypnotherapy really take hold in the multi levels of the body. For the body through it's tension and resistance tells a story- and by being able to relax the body- a new script can literally begin to take form in the cellular tissue. It quickens the process of hypnotherapy by engaging the cerebral spinal fluid and allowing the positive suggestions to enter the physical body in areas that once held tension. And the positive suggestions of the hypnotherapy are all specific to you and your wishes and needs. Through the cognitive portion we can process out exactly what you want and what was holding you back.

This is a synergetic blend that addresses core issues while working with the conscious and subconscious mind and your cerebral spinal fluid and muscular tissue to provide positive change for your mind and body. The combination of these two modalities is like nothing you have ever experienced, for it works on multiple levels of your being- putting them into balance together in a technique that offers real change and empowerment across multiple levels. These are two proven therapies that when combined offer a one plus one equals three results. Because there are few people that are trained and well versed in both of these modalities- you are offered a truly special session. I have found that the combination of these two modalities is simply amazing.

It will help you to overcome your fears and release past traumas from your body and mind.

We will be creating new associations and releasing old wounds simultaneously. By working with the cerebral spinal fluid (cranial sacral therapy) and the subconscious mind (hypnosis) you can change past associations in the brain in two ways, which together offer real change. Additionally, the cognitive part of hypnotherapy ties it all together for you. You can change the past by changing your mind- and build your future by reprogramming your subconscious associations and programming in positive and more true suggestions for your mind to take on during the waking and dreaming states.

In joy the journey.

The body says what words cannot. ~ Martha Graham

Often times in life we are faced with what appears to be a challenge and is really a pre-cursor to our growth. We are confronted with an old and unchecked part of ourself against presence and we feel the resistance. Holding on. Fearful of releasing to the infinite moment. In my work I seek to help you re-connect to that expansive and healthy energy that you are. Which is sometimes blocked by our perspective, mind in the past or future, worry etc. I intend to bring powerful presence and your ancient, primordial energy to your immediate experience. To envelop any other condition you may have come to me holding. An opportunity to surrender to your higher being- that place that we are when we just are- when we are still and thoughtless- our mindless state of grace and wholeness.

This is what I offer. Coupled with my knowledge of how memory, stress and gravity affects your physical muscles. A gentle yet powerful release which acts as a beacon, a reminder and a place to return to. It may sound a bit airy fairy and new-agey but it is in fact based on real science- a growing understanding of how our mind, body and spirit interact. A knowledge of the interplay of the three and acceptance of the mystery which constantly unfolds and the trust and gratitude for not knowing everything but creating a canvas for which your own healing mechanisms can express themselves. A combination of my understanding of the physical body, how emotions impact the nervous system and muscle tissue and a deep awe and respect for the mystery and surrender to spirit.

Sessions offered for $150 per session. First session is 90 minutes. Following sessions are 60 minutes.

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