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"Todd Simon's A LITTLE INFINITY has all the charm of it's sweet title and amazing photographs by Bridge Mihalik. It is filled with moments of wisdom that can only be earned from years of sitting still and watching life arise. This work is a pure delight, easy to dip into, and hard to shake off. It is a lovely and loving book."
Bruce Joel Rubin, screenwriter (GHOST, JACOB'S LADDER, THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE)

"Todd's honest, heartfelt prose is inspirational and uplifting! In the midst of a tumultuous time in my life journey, I have found encouragement, strength and hope through his enlightened and inspirited embracement of life! We are not meant to walk through this journey alone. Thank you Todd for sharing yourself with me and the rest of the world!"
Dawn S.

Todd Simon interviewed on Gaim TV for "A Little Infinity"


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